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Theme : GCC Organizational Resilience Forum

Master Class Day - November 22


Master Class A | 08:30 – 12:30


“Developing Interoperability Across Emergency Responders, From Response to Recovery”


The half day work shop will be on developing interoperability across all responder organisations when working in emergency scenarios, it is a constant challenge and links nicely with the Spontaneous Volunteers piece (third sector). The workshop will also focus on UK doctrine which includes shared situational awareness and the use of the Joint Decision Model as an inclusive decision making tool. Using the UK experience on interoperability and the EPC’s thought leadership on this topic, the workshop will explore how these and other approaches can be adapted or improved for delegates’ own organisations. The workshop will allow practitioners to recognise similar difficulties in developing a ‘joined-up’ approach to emergency response and recovery and to explore solutions.


It will focus :


Master Class B | 13:30 – 17:00


Requirements of Risk Assessment Guidelines (ISO31000) and BCP Development Standards (BS25999) – ISO




Business Continuity Plans and ISO 22301 requirements – ISO or otherwise BSI etc


About the Workshop leader


  •   Andrew Everitt
        Assistant Training Director (International) Emergency Planning College

Andy joined the EPC in February 2016 as the Assistant Director, International Faculty. Prior to joining EPC he was a Police Chief Inspector in the UK police service and completed 30 years of service in Thames Valley and North Yorkshire Police forces. Andy spent most of his police career working in ’front line’ service provision and has extensive tactical experience in leading emergency services and multi-agency teams in critical, emergency and major incidents.

As a district commander and chair of a local authority Community Safety Partnership and Safety Advisory Group, Andy focused on developing better collaborative working and interoperability between different organizations and the delivery of joint actions in response to community concerns. He advised on all aspects of event management safety and civil contingency planning within his district in order to reduce risk. Throughout his police career Andy has focused on the development of people and teams to embrace change and deliver improved performance within a constantly evolving work environment. He has a track record in improving business processes and empowering staff and other stakeholders to influence change.

Andy has a Master’s degree from Durham University in Adult Education & Learning and a City & Guilds Further & Adult Education Teacher’s Certificate.

About The Event

The GCC Organizational Resilience Forum 2016 – seeks to bring together in GCC the best global and regional minds in Business and IT Resilience. Presentations and discussions will cover new thoughts, ideas and solutions to proactively manage all stages of the BCM implementation lifecycle. Including not just Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery, but also Crisis and Emergency Response, Safety, HSE, Information Security and Physical Security. Meet and network with global and regional gurus and contribute to BCM and leadership and trend-setting thoughts. Objective of GCC Organizational Resilience Forum 2016 is to help organizations to improve their resilience in order to ensure that in case of a major disruption they can effectively respond, continue, and recover business operations in accordance with the mission, vision and objectives of the company. This forum intended to all issues that related to Organization & Business Resilience Management

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