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Theme : Securing The Digital Fortress

27th November : Introduction to Infrastructure Penetration Testing

28th November : Introduction to Vulnerabilities and Exploits

29th November : Exploiting Corporate Networks

30th November : Web Application Attacks

1st December : Hacking Scenario – CTF (Capture the Flag)

Event Objective

Security systems have been improving and becoming more complex, so have the hacking techniques. But our learning have not changed. Every successful hacks penetrating our Infrastructure has to evade through multiple layers of security in a perfect sequence, but we learn security and attack methods as isolated concepts, which won’t work in Real World. The Best Defence comes with the Best understanding of the Attack Techniques. And that is the reason we have created this unique Training giving you deep understanding of the classic to latest Hacking Techniques.

How do we do that? Our hands on lab and scenario driven Training ensures you get rst-hand experience to explore the vulnerabilities, craft exploits and carry out the attacks, and learn all the possible places where & how the security needs to be. This course is delivered by the people how have been testing Infrastructure security, creating security systems and writing exploits for decades before teaching the art of Infrastructure hacking.

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