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Theme : Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks Effectively

17 th May : Pre Conference Workshop Day

09:00 – 16:00 : The engineering art of injecting Industrial Cyber Security during the automation project life cycle of the control system

18 th & 19 th May : Conference Days

Event Objective

Major companies are now becoming more focused and investing time to ensure that the critical infrastructure networks are secured in effective manner. An equally important aspect driving companies is to bridge the gap between OT and IT security, to bring the level of robustness required in the ever-evolving cyber landscape and improve operational cyber resilience of organizations. Security and quality testing for operational technology (OT) is a specific and demanding discipline. It requires an industrial mindset, in-depth OT cyber security knowledge and the ability to apply best practices to industrial process environments. Nowadays we see that industrial control systems (ICS), industrial automation, process control networks (PCN), distributed control systems, SCADA (for "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition"), and more as a prominent management systems for OT Networks. "In recent years, industrial control systems used in the automation of industrial plants were increasingly connected to the Internet for its benefits. However cyber security was not part of the original design process, which made the systems vulnerable to cyber threats," "Therefore, it is vital that the industry understands the threats pertaining to operational technology and ensure that the right cyber security solutions are in place to address this. It has been observed that some energy plants in the region understand the potential cyber threats to their operations and have encouraged them to comply with ICS security guidelines

The objective of this forum is to assist the organization for their smooth running and also to withstand heavy cyber attacks.Main aim of this event is to grant a platform to cyber security and operational team to bowled-over the challenges faced by the industries, to design the operational technology with security in mind. This event is a good fortune for the high-level discussion of major industry challenges and SCADA management, systems serving engineering and operations, use of IT architecture in OT , this will be a must-attend summit for IT, cyber & information security professionals of various industries in GCC

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